Returning clients by invitation only

Available for Tail-Wagger's-Club-trained dogs who are at least a year old, fully trained (they come when called, do not destructive chew, are completely house broken and crate trained, do not mark in the house, know all basic commands, do not nuisance bark, and are friendly with dogs and humans on and off of their leash).

Approval needed to be eligible.

Days at Camp are filled with running, playing the sprinkler,  and naps in front of the cozy fireplace. Behavior will be maintained so that all commands your dog comes with, he will be sure to go home with.  No new behaviors are taught or addressed during camp.  For training along with Camp, see the Doggy Boarding School page of our website.


$1350/wk* includes local pick up and drop off

Single night $200*

3/nt minimum

*25% increase in rates for the following holiday dates:


Sep 3-6 (Labor Day)

Nov 19-28 (Thanksgiving)

Dec 17-Jan 2 (Christmas/New Year)


Feb 18-28 (Winter break)

April 8-18 (Spring Break/Easter)

May 27-30 (Memorial Day)

July 1-5 (4th of July)

Camp Eligibility Questionnaire

In order to be eligible for Camp, you must be able to answer YES to all Part 1 questions and NO to all Part 2 questions

Part 1
-Is your dog over a year old?

-Is your dog crate trained? (willingly goes into the crate, does not bark/whine while inside, and has not peed or pooped in the crate for a minimum of 4 weeks)


-Is your dog fully housebroken? (no accidents in your house or crate for a minimum of 4 weeks)


-Does your dog come when called while inside the house and outside in your yard?

-Is your dog friendly with all dogs on and off leash?

Part 2
-Has your dog ever bitten anyone?


-Does your dog incessantly bark or whine inside or outside of your house?

-Is your dog aggressive/reactive with other dogs?

-Does your dog mark inside your house? (lift his legs to pee on furniture, posts, rugs, items in around the house)


-Does your dog destructively chew furniture, woodwork/baseboards, rugs, etc?

If you did not answer YES to ALL Part 1 questions and NO to ALL part 2 questions, your dog is not eligible for Camp, but she is invited to Doogy Boarding School

Please call with any questions and to check availability.