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Dogs (and their humans) learn best in quiet, non-distracting environments, which is why Private Training is a great option for working together with your dog. Private Training takes place in your home where your dog is most comfortable.

Training your dog is a special time. The initial focus of training is teaching your dog to have self-control so that when you ask him to do something, he has the skills to understand and the ability to follow directions.  I will teach you to work as a team so that you and your dog can enjoy a lifelong relationship based on trust and motivation.

Therapy Dog
Therapy dog Toby visiting a boy at Children's Hospital

My training programs are comprehensive addressing all levels of training from puppy issues like house breaking, mouthing, and jumping on people, to more complex behaviors like separation anxiety and overall noncompliance. My goal is to teach you how to work with your dog so you feel confident and in control wherever you go.

All new clients require an Initial Consultation as the first step of training.

3 Private Training Options


Training Package


Initial Consultation


5 Follow-Up Sessions









During your Initial Consultation by zoom or phone, we will discuss your concerns and set a training plan.   We will talk about how to prevent problem behaviors, learn to read your dog's body language, and help you begin down the path to a well-mannered companion.

The main focus when working with any dog is on teaching him self-control.  We do this through introducing commands (which include Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Wait, Off, Go to Your Bed, and Leave It), training his temperament, and modifying problem behavior.

During Follow-Up Sessions, we will work together on your specific areas of concern 
and your dog will learn important  concepts including focused-attention and frustration tolerance.  Follow-Up Sessions last an hour and you will come away feeling more in control of your training plan and relationship with your dog.

Each week you will be given homework to work on between sessions to help make 
learning effective and fun!

1-dog Household   $1750

2-dog Household   $2050

3-dog Household   $2300


One Session at a Time

For short-term guidance




If you only want to meet a few times to work on something very specific, or if you have completed training but need guidance on an area of concern, working together one session at a time is a good choice.


1-dog Household

Initial Consultation      $550

Follow Up Sessions     $275

2-dog Household

Initial Consultation      $550

Follow Up Sessions     $325

3-dog Household

Initial Consultation      $550

Follow Up Sessions     $375


Returning Clients Only

Follow-Up Sessions


After Basic Training is complete, the focus of training shifts to learning how to work through distractions (come when called even though there's a squirrel in the yard or a dog across the street, waiting calmly at the front door when it opens and guests arrive, etc), modifying problem behavior, and fine tuning specific behaviors.

This option is available only to dogs who have completed at least one Training Package with The Tail Wagger's Club within the past three months.

1-dog Household

3 Follow-Up Sessions   $ 775

5 Follow-Up Sessions   $1250

8 Follow-Up Sessions   $1950

2-dog Household

3 Follow-Up Sessions   $ 950

5 Follow-Up Sessions   $1550

8 Follow-Up Sessions   $2300

3-dog Household

3 Follow-Up Sessions    $1075

5 Follow-Up Sessions    $1800

8 Follow-Up Sessions    $2800

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