Boarding School is the ultimate level of training. Boarding School takes a comprehensive, “whole-dog” approach addressing all aspects of your dog’s behavior and temperament.  While all interactions are an opportunity to teach and learn, dogs also have two formal training sessions each day where the focus is on teaching your dog to be well-mannered, obedient, and have self-control. During Boarding School, dogs typically work on house breaking, mouthing/nipping, destructive chewing, not coming when called, jumping up on people, leash training, overall non-responsiveness, and introduction and implementation of commands (Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Wait, Leave It, Go to your Bed, and Off, just to name a few).

The process is simple. Call me before you get your puppy for help puppy-proofing your house and preparing for your puppy's arrival.  If you already have your puppy, ideally schedule training before you begin to see behavior concerns.  This will save you time and resources on training because instead of having to retrain behaviors you don't like (your dog jumping on you or counter surfing, escaping out the door, barking and whining in the crate, etc) you can begin with a clean slate and teach everything right from the beginning.  We meet at your house to discuss your dog and your training goals. From there, I will bring your dog home with me and begin the transformation into a well-mannered dog!

During Boarding School, dogs stay with me in my home and are treated as members of the family.  Days are filled with socializing, exercising, training, and plenty of playtime. I use positive methods including games and play to motivate dogs to want to listen rather than futilely trying to force a dog to obey.  No harsh methods, equipment, shock collars, or choke chains are ever used.

The duration of Boarding School depends on many factors: your dog’s age, breed, and amount of time he has been “practicing” bad habits, the overall severity of your dog’s behavior, and the number of behaviors/commands you would like your dog to know.

Dogs who attend Boarding School for a week or longer go home with videos of each of their trained commands and behaviors.  After your dog is home, we stay in close contact over email/text and Follow Up Sessions to ensure your dog is maintaining all of the wonderful behaviors he learned.  The dog-human relationship is very important so I want to ensure that you understand how to work well with your dog after I am gone.

Boarding School is available for dogs who are local in Seattle as well as those in other areas/states. Pick up and drop off arrangements can be made for out-of -town dogs including air travel with your dog.

Reservations are not confirmed and space cannot  be held until payment has been received.

$3850/wk* includes local pick up and drop off

3/nt minimum

* 25% increase in rates for the following holiday dates:        


Sep 3-6 (Labor Day)

Nov 19-28 (Thanksgiving)

Dec 17-Jan 2 (Christmas/New Year)


Feb 18-28 (Winter break)

April 8-18 (Spring Break/Easter)

May 27-30 (Memorial Day)

July 1-5 (4th of July)